Math 20C Pre-Calculus Video Lessons


Math 20C Pre-Calculus


Outcome 1a Arithmetic Sequences and Series

Outcome 1b Geometric Sequences and Series

Outcome 2a Trig Functions

Outcome 2b Sine and Cosine Law

Outcome 3a Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form

Outcome 3b Quadratic Functions in Standard Form

Outcome 4a Factoring Quadratic Expressions

Outcome 4b Quadratic Equations

Outcome 5a Radical Expressions

Outcome 5b Radical Equations

Outcome 6a Equivalent Rational Expressions

Outcome 6b Operations on Rational Expressions

Outcome 6c Rational Equations

Outcome 7a Absolute Value

Outcome 7b Absolute Value Functions

Outcome 7c Reciprocal Functions

Outcome 8a Systems of Equations

Outcome 9a Linear and Quadratic Inequalities (2 Variables)

Outcome 9b Quadratic Inequalities (1 Variable)